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<html>Why Code?</html>

What is code? If you look at the technical aspect of it, code makes today’s world go around. Code decides what is displayed to you on websites, code runs your bank account’s information, code dictates the stoplights your car runs into daily. Sure, code has a plethora of technical uses and all of these uses are nothing to scoff at, but the true beauty of code is that it is a creative outlet.

The same way in which Picasso employed illustrations to convey his emotions, today’s web developers use code to create web pages to fulfilll their own visions. The main difference between illustrations and code is the practicality of web pages, programs and video games. These are all creations that can be used by the public. All the while, the general consensus is that art is not a true career path, while STEM careers are the most viable options.

Then again the general public doesn’t seem to know that code is an art that just so happens to be classified under STEM. Code is important for the youth to learn because, to recap, it allows for creation of useful and tangible items for the public, it is a creative outlet that can cater to those who don’t necessarily like drawing or composing music, and it is a field in which many jobs will go unfilled. How crazy is it that an “art” field is begging for more employees.


Blog written by Mynor Perez. Mynor is a second-year student at URBAN Teens eXploring Technology (URBAN TxT). During his first year in the program, he participated in the group YouPolitic.Me. The platform, designed and developed by Mynor and his team mates, gives middle and high school youths a voice in politics through mock elections and polls. 

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